Collection: Tyrux Campfire Grills

Tyrux Campfire Grills are made of all 304 stainless steel and are built to take a beating. It\'s meant to sit directly in a roaring campfire, so it was a bit overbuilt. Lock food into the basket, then flip, raise, lower, or swivel it around the campfire. When finished, pack up the grill and put it under the car seat. Whether camping, glamping, overlanding, or just using a backyard fire pit, space is always at a premium and Tyrux obliges. The entire grill packs down into the grilling basket (roughly 17\" x 13\" x 2\"). It packs down so small that it\'s surprising how much food it can cook all at once. When all of the food can be flipped at the same time and the temperature can be adjusted so quickly, the Tyrux makes time for what really matters on camping trips, making memories, enjoying a campfire, and eating delicious food. Make camping easy. Make camping better. Get a Tyrux.